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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ticket fares and prices

Ionion P. Lines f/b Ionion Pelagos (Ithaki - Sami - Astakos)

From Sami to Ithaki (Pisaetos) or from Ithaki (Pisaetos) to Sami :

economy class*                                       4€
car up to 4.25m                                      17€
car more than 4.25m                         20,50€
motorcycles up to 250cc                         4€
motorcycles more than 250cc                5€
trailers - caravans                               5,50€ per meter

From Astakos to Ithaki (Pisaetos) or from Ithaki (Pisaetos) to Astakos :

economy class*                                        10€

car up to 4.25m**                                 33,50€
car more than 4.25m                           36,30€
motorcycles up to 250cc                           7€
motorcycles more than 250cc                10€
trailers - caravans                               10,50€ per meter

*children between the ages of 6 through 10 travel at half fare. Young guests below 5 years are traveling free of charge. These offers apply on all routes.

**cars up to 4.25m get a 20% discount on the return ticket. This offer applies only on the route Ithaki - Astakos and Astakos - Ithaki.

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